bConnects LLC
bConnects LLCbConnects LLC
bConnects was founded by professionals skilled and experienced in the production of Internet technology, multimedia and marketing collateral. Working together since 1998, the founders and staff of bConnects have successfully developed multimedia and internet projects for wide range of clients, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies like Ford Credit, Microsoft and Adobe Systems.

As an agency, bConnects combines advanced technology and beautiful design to provide stunning and effective communication solutions. And, since 2001, bConnects has also utilized its talents and skills to create advanced technology products like LawConnects, an inexpensive but powerful website solution for small law firms.

Because our agency also runs a software company that derives revenue from developing and marketing its own products, we have unique insight into our clients concerns and needs. While other agencies may be primarily concerned with producing "brilliant" creative product, our high level efforts are aimed at producing results- increased sales, investment or recognition within the industry.


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